Medical technology developed in Spain.

Customized product development

INBENTUS designs, manufactures, approves and industrializes medical products according to the needs of our customers thanks to the experience of its engineering team and its vast network of contacts and relational capacity, which allows them to have total control of the product life cycle.

Industrialization of medical products

If you have a prototype and you want to put it on the market, you have to be able to manufacture it in a serial and competitive way.

INBENTUS is in charge of this entire process, from the adaptation of the design to the most competitive manufacturing processes, search for suppliers, cost control, packaging, manuals, traceability, regulatory testing and approval, among others.

Medical technology consulting

INBENTUS offers consulting services in the field of medical technology, accompanying our clients at any stage of development.

The strategic definition and implementation of a project, including the management of grants, approvals, clinical and pre-clinical trials, etc., are some of the services offered by the company.

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