Maintenance and after-sales service

Simple, efficient and economical maintenance

This is the common denominator of all INBENTUS products.
We are aware of the great limitations of having to train specialists for the maintenance of certain medical equipment. Therefore, from the design phase, we work on the modularity of our equipment and on the development of innovative quick coupling systems for the most critical elements, thus minimizing the need for specialized technicians and reducing set-up times.

Immediate spare parts

The design of INBENTUS products focuses on simplicity and efficiency by reducing the number of internal components required for proper operation.

This means that the number of spare parts per unit is very low and that the stock of spare parts allows an immediate response to any customer.


The acquisition of the necessary skills in the healthcare field is key for the correct use and performance of the available technology, that is why, from INBENTUS, we accompany all our products and services with an adequate specific user-oriented training.

Our multidisciplinary team focuses on maximizing knowledge transfer to stakeholders in the most efficient and effective way.

We live to develop life-saving technology

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