INBENTUS product warranty

We are aware of the responsibility that healthcare professionals assume every day. That is why we offer reliable, safe and high quality equipment.

We rigorously select innovative technologies for our products and provide a warranty for the entire period of use, because there is nothing more important than saving lives and taking care of people's health.

Guarantee of an excellent after-sales service

A medical device responsible for keeping a person alive must always be prepared to do so with guarantees and efficiently.

INBENTUS recognizes after-sales service as one of the main pillars of vital electro-medical products and therefore has alliances with renowned maintenance companies in the countries of destination that ensure that after-sales service is fast, effective and guarantees.

INBENTUS, a guarantee of quality

INBENTUS is a company made up of a team of professionals with extensive experience in different sectors that guarantee and give consistency to a project with broad social and institutional support.

This institutional backing by the regional and national government is one of the greatest guarantees that can be offered, and it is also worth highlighting the agreements with the main Spanish institutions and associations in the field of electromedicine for the collaboration and development of the different products and services and of the company itself.

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